Artist Collaborations

Artist Collaborations

We often collaborate with local artists for our window displays, and promote their artwork in our shop. They create special artworks for us and we have cards of these for sale.

Some recent collaborations are shown below.

Rowena Liley

Rowena is a textile artist who has embroidered this lovely picture of the shop for us.

Her embroidery is often of plants and animals. As well as this image we also have cards of her other embroidery designs on sale.

To see the full range of her work do check out Rowena’s website:

Claire Fletcher illustration of Sevenoaks Bookshop

Claire Fletcher

We had a display of Claire Fletcher’s work in our window in summer 2019. She gave us this lovely painting of the bookshop

Many of Claire’s illustrations are on the theme of children and reading. As well as this image we usually have cards of her other work for sale.

For more information see Claire’s website:

Roger Fitzgerald

We had a display of Roger Fitzgerald’s paintings in our window in 2018.

He made this striking collaged painting of the shop for us, and we have cards of it for sale.

He is a Sevenoaks artist who focuses on buildings and townscapes, and has published books of his paintings of London and New York.

For more information see Roger’s website: