Loyalty Card Scheme

New Loyalty Card Scheme

We are changing our Loyalty Card Scheme for shoppers in our high street shop to one which is greener and more flexible.

The new electronic Loyalty Cards are printed on recycled material and a clump of trees was planted with our order.

From 21 February we will start issuing the new electronic Loyalty Cards for customers who want to take part in the scheme.

10 points will be given for every £1 spent.

When the card reaches 1000 points (£100 spend), £5 will be credited for use on the next purchase.

Each card has a unique bar code linked to the customer’s name and email address on our system so points can be added even if you don’t have your card with you.

Points will be added for all book and stationery purchases in the bookshop.

Purchases of the following are excluded from the scheme: Book Tokens, Gift Cards, Book Subscriptions, Event Tickets and Café items.

Why are we changing?

  • We needed a more sustainable system and to get away from the waste of 1000s of Loyalty Cards being thrown away each year and constantly printing new ones.
  • We needed a system which works better for our regular Bookshop customers who also make purchases from our online shop for collection in the Bookshop.

How does this benefit you?

  • Under the previous system a stamp would only be given for a purchase of £10 so many single book purchases would never result in a stamp – with this system points are allocated to the new electronic Loyalty Card regardless of how small the purchase is.
  • You will also be able to use the new electronic Loyalty Card for online purchases that you are collecting from the Bookshop.

How do you get one of the new Loyalty Cards?

  • You can ask us to set you up with a new electronic loyalty card at any time when you’re next in the Bookshop (but bear in mind that it cannot be used in conjunction with any existing stamped cards you may have).
  • All we need to add you to our new scheme is your name and email address.

How do you use the new Loyalty Card?

  • You will need to give us your new Loyalty Card to scan along with any items you are purchasing.
  • Cards must be scanned (or customer details given) before payment is made.
  • Points can only be added at the time of a purchase and can never be applied retrospectively.

If you lose your Loyalty Card can you get another one?

  • We will only issue one card per customer (do keep it safe!) but we can look you up on our system if you don’t have your card with you – it will just take a bit longer.

What about the stamped Loyalty Cards you already have?

  • We will continue to accept existing stamped Loyalty Cards until 31 December 2022.
  • If you have a full stamp card, or fill one up during a purchase in that time, you will receive a £5 reduction as previously.
  • From 21 February 2022, no paper Loyalty Cards will be issued once an existing one is completed.
  • The new electronic Loyalty Card cannot be used in conjunction with stamped Loyalty Cards.
  • No full or partially stamped Loyalty Cards will be accepted after 31 December.

What will we do with your email address?

  • We need additional identification details to ensure we are allocating points to the correct customer if they do not have their Loyalty Card with them.
  • Your email will also be added to our list of recipients for our events and news email, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

Can the Loyalty Card be used for online purchases?

  • If you are ordering from our website for collection from the bookshop, simply enter your Loyalty Card number at the checkout to have points added for your purchases. 
  • Customers ordering books to be delivered by post are eligible for our alternative offer of free delivery for purchases over £50.