Philip Ardagh – Children’s Picture-book Storytime

About Bunnies in a Boat:
Hold onto your tails! It’s time for a wild bunny-tastic adventure with prolific children’s author Philip Ardagh! All across Sunnytown Beach, the bunnies are dashing and a-splashing on a speedboat frenzy. They whoosh past the sail-boats, and zoooom across the sand, then it’s up on to the jetty where the silly billy bunnies get all covered in spaghetti! Join Philip Ardagh for this thrilling, interactive and anarchic event full of rhyming, high-speed chanting and plenty of fun for all the family.

At the Sevenoaks Bookshop Café

Friday 17 February, 3pm

This half term, come along and settle in to listen to some wonderful storytelling with children’s author Philip Ardagh!

Philip Ardagh is a prolific writer who has been published in over 40 languages around the world. His titles include the best-selling Eddie Dickens trilogy, the Stick and Fetch series and Bunnies on the Bus and Bunnies in a Boat. He stands two metres tall with a most impressive beard.

Suitable for ages 36 years

Each ticket includes a copy of the book Bunnies in a Boat, to be collected and signed by Philip at the event.

Each child must be accompanied by a responsible adult – no more than one adult per child because of space restrictions!

We also have very limited space to accommodate buggies.

The book will be published 2 March 2023.