The Exploding Life of Scarlett Fife: Book 1 by Maz Evans



The main character is Scarlett and she has a bad temper and her temper makes stuff explode. She learns to control her temper. I also found this book funny because instead of saying “I’m so angry I might explode” she says “I’m so angry my bum might fall off!” Rating: 4.5/5. By Leo (age 8)

It’s a funny, exciting tale. When Scarlett, 8, gets really cross she tries to hold it in and not shout so she stares at something instead and it just explodes! One time she explodes a massive pile of elephant poo and it splatters all over a teacher! But strangely, she doesn’t get into trouble. I’d recommend this book if you like silly stories and aren’t squeamish! Rating: 5/5. By: Anamaria (age 7)


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Scarlett Fife has BIG feelings. And she’s about to get into BIG trouble. From the bestselling Maz Evans comes a heartfelt and hilarious new series, perfect for fans of Roald Dahl’s Matilda.

‘A laugh-out-loud story full of warmth, Big Feelings and explosive results.’ Dominique Valente, author of Starfell

‘So funny, you’ll explode with laughter’ Sam Copeland, author of Charlie Changes into a Chicken

Scarlett Fife has BIG FEELINGS. And when she has BIG FEELINGS, they explode out of her like an over-squeezed stress ball.

Scarlett’s in big trouble after a BIG FEELINGS episode leads to a runaway hamster getting into the vicar’s trousers at her aunty’s engagement party. If she loses her temper ONE MORE TIME, she’s going to miss out on her trip to Mega Awesome Sicky Fun World, the best theme park on the planet.

But feelings are like slime in a party bag. No matter how much someone tells you to keep it in, it’ll always find its way out. And very soon, Scarlett notices that every time she pushes her feelings down, something explodes. Like … really, properly explodes.

It might be her teacher’s slimy green smoothie. A huge pot of purple paint. Or a massive pile of elephant poo at the zoo. And let’s hope Scarlett doesn’t get mad at Aunty’s wedding – that wedding cake is HUGE …

Laugh-out-loud action for every child and parent who has ever lost control of their feelings – this is sparkling, heartwarming and beautifully illustrated throughout by the fantastic Chris Jevons.