Bringing Back Kay-Kay by Dev Kothari



‘Bringing Back Kay-Kay’ is a tale filled with mysteries. The story is written as if Lena is actually talking to Kay-Kay and makes it an even more interesting read, but the part that hooked me was that somewhere in the world, this has probably happened, that’s just the horrific truth.

By: Jenna (age 12). Rating 5/5.

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When Lena’s beloved older brother goes missing at the end of summer camp, the bottom drops out of Lena’s world. The police dismiss Kay-Kay’s disappearance as that of just another teenage runaway, but Lena knows they are wrong. Tired of not being listened to, powerless to reach her parents through their grief and unable to imagine a future without her brother in it, Lena sets off to find him. As Lena journeys across India to retrace Kay-Kay’s last known steps, she embarks on a parallel journey of discovery. Because it seems there is a side to Kay-Kay she has never known. The more she learns about her brother in the weeks leading up to his disappearance, the more determined Lena is to find him – and to finally be the sister he has so clearly needed. But will she be too late?