Cuddy by Benjamin Myers


Bookseller Review by Julie: 

An extraordinary book, told in an original and highly inventive style, using historical sources, poetry, diary and contemporary prose. So effective, absorbing, a thoroughly enjoyable read!

Compelling characters, both to love and hate, even Durham Cathedral has a voice! 

Benjamin Myers is a wonderful storyteller, this novel is imbued with the heart and soul of an author born and raised in County Durham, a love letter to his ancestors.  

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Travelling through the wilderness, a young woman has visions of a cathedral on a hill. The downtrodden wife of an archer seeks the truth in stone walls, in meadows full of garlic flowers. A group of soldiers sit out their last hours before their death under a vaulted ceiling. The professor receives unwelcome night-time visitors. A young man bids his dying mother goodbye, and sets off on his first day of work as a labourer. From these seeds of historical truth and strange mythology, Benjamin Myers spins an unforgettable story of love and loss that breaks free of realism, entering a thrilling space both hilarious and terrifying. Unfolding over centuries, deploying a panoply of voices, Cuddy is written with Myers’ inimitable humour, pathos and grace – and confirms him as one of the most important writers of his generation.