Ember Spark and the Thunder of Dragons by Abi Elphinstone



An amazing book. I loved how Ember starts of not wanting friends but finishes really happy she has made a friend. My favourite part is when Ember thinks all is lost but then her friend saves her. My favourite character is Forty Winks because it is super cute. I would definitely recommend it. By: Polly (age 10). Rating: 4/5.

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Rusty Fizzbang, vet to magical beasts, needs an apprentice. Ember Spark, looking for adventure, is his newest recruit – and together with an unlikely friend, Arno, she is sent to help a baby dragon whose parents have gone missing. But keeping magical beasts a secret isn’t an easy task, especially with arch-villain, Jasper Hornswoggle, hot on their heels and keen to derail them.