Fight Night by Miriam Toews


Bookseller Review by Fleur:

This book is SO good! Three generations of women living together, fighting the good fight of life – it’s as if the films ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and ‘Juno’ were thrown into a brilliant literary mixer with quite simply, the best, most memorable and all-round inspirational grandma of all time – delightful in the extreme! As Margaret Atwood says, “Go Grandma Elvira!’ 

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You are a small thing, and you must learn to fight. Swiv has taken her grandmother’s advice too literally. Now she’s at home, suspended from school. Mom is pregnant and preoccupied – and so Swiv is in the older woman’s charge, receiving a very different form of education from a teacher with a style all her own. Grandma likes her stories fast, troublesome and funny. She’s known the very worst that life can throw at you – and has met it every time with a wild, unnamable spirit, fighting for joy and independence every step of the way. But will maths lessons based on Amish jigsaws and classes on How to Dig a Winter Grave inspire the same fire in Swiv, and ensure it never goes out? Time is running short. Grandma’s health is failing, the baby is on the way, as a family of three extraordinary women prepare to face life’s great changes together. Poignant, hilarious and deeply moving, Fight Night is a girl’s love letter to the women raising her and a tribute to one family’s fighting spirit.