Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead


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‘If you like historical novels, this is one for you. If you like contemporary set novels, this is one for you too! Moving between the early decades of the twentieth century and cotemporary LA, both periods are incredibly engaging, with great characters that really pull you in and made me wonder about how dull my own life is in comparison! If I had to choose, the pilot, Marion Graves, would be the character I feel most involved with. Her story from birth is incredible – and what I particularly love is that after reading many short novels recently, this book is rich with not just details, but events too – so much time is covered without ever feeling like it’s too much or slows the narrative down. There’s just so much good stuff in it! Bootleggers, hunters, fine artists, actors, pilots… love, abuse, art, freedom… And the way flight is described and presented, I really want to have flying lessons now!’

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From her days as a wild child in prohibition America to the blitz and glitz of wartime London, from the rugged shores of New Zealand to a lonely iceshelf in Antarctica, Marian Graves is driven by a need for freedom and danger.

Determined to live an independent life, she resists the pull of her childhood sweetheart, and burns her way through a suite of glamorous lovers. But it is an obsession with flight that consumes her most.

Now, as she is about to fulfil her greatest ambition, to circumnavigate the globe from pole to pole, Marian crash lands in a perilous wilderness of ice.

Over half a century later, troubled film star Hadley Baxter is drawn inexorably to play the enigmatic pilot on screen. It is a role that will lead her to an unexpected discovery, throwing fresh and spellbinding light on the story of the unknowable Marian Graves.