Luma and the Pet Dragon by Leah Mohammed



Anyone who likes dogs will love this book! Luma finds a dragon called Timir that turns into a dog when other people are around. Problems start when Timir doesn’t behave like a dog. I like the fact that Timir loves squirrels and is a bit cheeky! I also love the illustrations. By: Felicity (age 8). Rating: 5/5.

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Two warm and funny stories about Luma and her cheeky pet dragon – for readers aged 5+.

When Luma Dewan wakes up on the morning of her seventh birthday, she knows that today will be special. But she has no idea just how wonderful and extraordinary it will be.

For today is the day she will meet Timir – a real talking dragon. Or at least when Luma is around that’s what he is. When anyone else is there, he becomes an ordinary grey puppy with a fluffy tail, who loves chasing squirrels and bouncing on trampolines.

It’s a big secret to keep – and Luma’s clever cousin Arjun is soon suspicious of this peculiar puppy, who doesn’t quite behave like any other dog. Luckily Luma’s grandmother – Nani – is there to help, and to Luma’s surprise, Nani might just know a little dragon magic of her own . . .