Sade and Her Shadow Beasts by Rachel Faturoti



‘Sadé and her Shadow Beasts’ is about a girl called Sadé who’s grieving for her mums death and has an imaginary world which is starting to collapse. Joining a counselling group to help her grief does help but with her talent show auditions coming up will she be able to banish her shadow beasts that have escaped? I enjoyed this book because of the cool descriptions. By: Connor (age 11). Rating: 5/5.

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For fans of ONWARD and A Monster Calls, this is an unmissable illustrated story about grief and love for young readers 9 and up.

Sade has always loved escaping to her imaginary, raindow-bright world . When her mum dies, the colours in her mind fade like old jeans, and her shadow beasts appear: Tiger with black claws, Hen with cracked feathers, Fox with giant hind legs and Lion with piercing blue eyes.

The shadow beasts are trouble. They follow Sade to school and cause chaos wherever they go. Then Sade joins a grief support group to work through her emotions, and slowly her beasts retreat.

But just as it’s her turn to perform her poetry at the school talent show, they’re back, larger and stronger than ever … can Sade find the words to remember her mum in her own unique way, and banish her shadow beasts for good?