Summer Kitchens: The perfect summer cookbook by Olia Hercules


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Olia Hercules owes some of her earliest and fondest memories to the ‘summer kitchens’ of her parents, grandparents, neighbours, and friends in Ukraine. These small buildings are separate from the main house, and always positioned near a fruit plot or veg patch so families can enjoy the home-grown produce as it ripens, and preserve the surplus in preparation for winter. The number of summer kitchens is dwindling these days, but there is still so much we can learn about making the most of the vibrant summer produce throughout the rest of the year. This book contains recipes such as ‘Borsch with duck and smoked pears’, ‘Burnt aubergine butter and tomato toast’, ‘Pot roast chicken with herb cr?me fra?che’, ‘Nettle, sorrel and wild garlic soup’, and ‘Poppyseed babka’.

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