Tanya Sarne – Book and Ticket


Tuesday 18 April, 7.30pm

At Sevenoaks Bookshop

Includes one ticket and one copy of Free Spirit (RRP £20)

An evening with iconic fashion designer and entrepeneur Tanya Sarne, founder of the global fashion brand Ghost.

Her new autobiography Free Spirit tells the story of the extraordinary life, triumphs, setbacks and survival.

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Free Spirit tells the extraordinary life story of Tanya Sarne and her triumphs, setbacks and survival.
Hers is a tale of resilience, of second and third chances and of global fashion success as the founder of Ghost, with a fanbase described by Marie Claire in the Nineties as ‘bigger than the Spice Girls’.

Tanya’s story is so much more than simply an account of incredible international fashion success (and excess). The only child of refugee parents, her life ranged from the London of the Swinging Sixties to the glamour and darkness of Hollywood in the early Seventies, to virtual destitution and abandonment with two small children in a Brazilian fishing village – all before she even dreamt of starting her own business … or becoming one of the inspirations (with her daughter and Lynne Franks) for Absolutely Fabulous.

From busking with Andrew Loog Oldham before he managed the Rolling Stones, to being invited to stay with Sharon Tate the night of the Manson murders, Tanya is one of those people who seems to have fitted more into one life than most of us would fit into nine. But, above all, she is that still all-too-rare thing, a female entrepreneur who achieved true global success solely as a result of her own hard work and talent and entirely on her own terms.