The Octopus, Dadu, and Me by Lucy Ann Unwin



This book is a fiction book but with octopus facts you wouldn’t believe! When Sushi finds out that her grandpa has got dementia everything is changed, she goes to an aquarium to get over it but sadly things get worse… By: Anabelle (age 11).

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FACT: Octopuses have three hearts.

FACT: Octopuses have BEAKS, like BIRDS.

FACT: The octopus at the aquarium is psychic! Sashi feels like she has three hearts and they’re all breaking. She’s losing her beloved Dadu to dementia, and her parents don’t even want her to visit him any more. She hides from her grief in the aquarium, and that’s where she meets Ian. Like her Dadu, Ian is trapped. Like her Dadu, Ian should be at home with his family. And then Ian tells her he’s in danger and only she can help him escape. Except Ian just happens to be an octopus…