The Swifts by Beth Lincoln



‘The Swifts’ is a brilliant new book filled with mystery, suspense and humour. It is about the Swift family. In the Swift family your name is given by the Swift family dictionary and it defines you from the moment you are born and it tells you your destiny. However, Shenanigan Swift is sick of being defined and being destined to be a troublemaker and she is determined to prove that she isn’t trouble, so when disaster strikes at the family gathering and one of he family tries to kill her Arch-Aunt, Shenanigan realises there is a killer on the loose. Can Shenanigan find the killer and learn to define herself before it is too late? I would recommend this book, it’s so amazing! By: Isabelle (age 12). Rating: 5/5.

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On the day they are born, each Swift is brought before the sacred Family Dictionary. They are given a name and a definition, and it is assumed they will grow up to match. Unfortunately, Shenanigan Swift has other ideas. So what if her relatives all think she’s destined to turn out as a troublemaker, just because of her name? Shenanigan knows she can be whatever she wants – pirate, explorer or even detective. Which is lucky, really, because when one of the Family tries to murder Arch-Aunt Schadenfreude, someone has to work out whodunit. With the help of her sisters and cousin, Shenanigan grudgingly takes on the case, but more murders, a hidden treasure and an awful lot of suspects make things seriously complicated. Can Shenanigan catch the killer before the whole household is picked off?