Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos by Robin LaFevers



Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos is a mystery novel about a girl whose father is head curator at a museum and whose mum is an archaeologist. When creepy things start happening at night in the museum and staff start acting suspiciously Theodosia decides to investigate. With the help of her brother Henry and a street urchin called Will, she attempts to break the curse of the Egyptian amulet before it’s too late… Overall, I would recommend this book for girls and boys age 10+ and think that adults would enjoy this book too. I rate this book 5 stars! By: Isabella (age 11). Rating: 5/5.

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Theodosia Throckmorton has an extraordinary ability: she can sense ancient magic. This is most useful, as she spends her life fighting curses in the London Museum of Legends and Antiquities, where her father is head curator of a vast collection of Egyptian artefacts and mummies. When Theo’s mother returns from an archaeological dig bearing the Heart of Egypt, a legendary amulet from a long-lost tomb, Theo soon realises it holds a powerful curse which could threaten all of Britain with war. Worse, there are sinister forces who wish to capture the amulet’s power for themselves. Theo must summon all her courage and cunning to fight the rising chaos and restore the amulet to its rightful place…