To Fill A Yellow House by Sussie Anie


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“Kwasi’s story starts at the age of seven when he’s uprooted by his extended Ghanaian family to the other side of London and he begins his struggle to find his feet at a new school, neighbourhood and in a chaotic home. A sensitive, artistic boy he takes refuge in an independent local charity shop run by the elderly Rupert also struggling to stay afloat in tough times. Sussie Anie observes her characters, the London landscape and the contemporary social tensions in writing which is wry, compassionate, and acutely perceptive.”

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When Kwasi and his family move abruptly from one side of London to the other, he sets out to explore his new home. Escaping the watchful eyes of Ma and Da and his irrepressible Aunties, he discovers the local high street and a hidden river. Back at the yellow house, he spends hours drawing, distracting himself from thoughts of the new school that awaits.

As the years pass, the high street remains a source of fascination for Kwasi. But behind the ever-changing shopfronts, it’s a different story. Business is slow and times are getting tougher.

Widower Rupert has been trying to hold on to the dreams he and his wife poured into their eclectic charity shop, The Chest of Small Wonders, but now he is close to giving up. One October night, Kwasi finds himself in trouble and takes refuge in the Chest, and an unexpected friendship begins. As he and Rupert unite to save the shop, they each find a sense of belonging.

But old patterns are hard to change, and as tensions around them escalate, difficult choices lie ahead. Lyrical, witty, moving and timely, To Fill a Yellow House is a story of community, friendship and the power of creativity and connection. It is as vibrant and surprising as the city it is set in and marks the arrival of a bright and bold new talent.