Wilder than Midnight by Cerrie Burnell



This book is a valuable read for anyone aged between 9 and 12 who loves anything from quests to romances, it was always leaving you wanting more every time you put the book down! Furthermore, the storyline was also very interesting because you got to see how three completely different lives crossed paths to complete one goal. The writing switching between three perspectives helped this story come to life too. Tangled in the Queen’s lie and betrothed love, the mission’s secrecy is put on the line… By: Zoe (age 11). Rating: 4/5.

Great book by a famous actor, gorgeously described, fiercely feminist novel. Three girls – Saffy, Aurelia, and Wild Rose, three tales, each beautifully unique and brilliantly portrayed. Could be considered gentle and fairly slow-paced but is a wonderful and creative book that celebrates difference. By: Mia (age 12). Rating: 4.5/5.

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A bold and evocative new adventure novel from Cerrie Burnell, celebrating difference and found family. Perfect for fans of Sophie Anderson, Katherine Rundell and Catherine Doyle.

Silverthorne is a place of secrets. A forest of twisting paths and tangled thorns. A castle with locked towers and whispers of tragedy. A village trapped between terrors known and unknown. But something is stirring in the leaves . . .

Saffy is a good girl, tired of being told to stick to the forest paths, and always follow the rules.
Aurelia is a hidden girl, locked in a castle tower, dreaming of escaping the fate she’s told awaits her.
Wild Rose is a fierce girl, raised by wolves, full of spells and fearlessness and cunning.

Together, they will change life in Silverthorne forever.