Young Reader Testimonies

Our passionate team of Young Readers are a vital and valued aspect of our children’s bookshop.

We run a Young Readers’ Review Scheme, where children are able to read new and upcoming books in exchange for an honest review. Our Young Readers have also been involved in the production of a Young Readers’ magazine, which were lucky to produce between 2019 and 2020. We have hosted two Young Readers’ Festivals in 2018 and 2019 for, and partially in collaboration, with our team of Young Readers.

We have been very lucky to receive lovely testimonies from some of our Young Readers, as well as some incredible pictures of our Young Readers enjoying the books they’ve read as part of the Young Readers’ Review Scheme!

Charlie (age 8)

I love Sevenoaks Bookshop because it has a huge selection of books and the displays always make me want to go inside and choose a book. Everyone is really friendly.  I really like the reviews left by Young Readers as they help me decide which book will suit me the most.  

I was very excited when I was asked to be a a Young Reader – I read my book within a week as I wanted to write my review to help others.   Thank you Sevenoaks Bookshop for encouraging all us Young Readers.”

Yumi (age 14)

“I have really enjoyed reviewing books for Sevenoaks Bookshop because it is really exciting to get unpublished books that not many people have read before. They are really good reads and I always look forward to the next one!”

Jacob (age 7)

“I love reading in my reading chair, when I get a new book I can’t wait to get home and start reading it”

“I like it because you get to read the books before they are published.  I particularly liked the book called “Stink” because it is really funny” – Toby (age 7)

Charlotte (age 7)

“Reading takes me into different worlds – as though I am watching stories happen right in front of my eyes! Being a Young Reader means I get to try new books and I love it!”

Ellie (age 13)

“The bookshop has an amazing sense of community and I love all the unpublished books that I get to review. Additionally, there are so many more marvellous opportunities that the bookshop holds; like I was in the magazine editorial group.”

“I love reviewing books because I get to read a variety of books I would not normally pick” – Katie (age 10)

Rosie (age 14)

I really enjoy the young readers program. I love receiving new books to read that may be be different to my usual novels. This expands my understanding and empathy for others in the world.