Adia Kelbara and the Circle of Shamans by Isi Hendrix



An incredible story full of adventure and mystery. About a girl unsure of her powers and rejected by what family she had left. Impossible to put down, it was always “one more chapter”. I would highly recommend this to readers who love journeys and magic, it was action packed and one of the best books I’ve read.

By: Jenna (age 12). Rating: 5/5.

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Life in the Swamplands is tough for twelve-year-old orphan Adia. Her aunt and uncle believe she is an ogbanje, a demon-possessed child thought to bring misfortune. And when Adia manifests mysterious powers, accidentally destroying her village, she starts to think they might be right.

Adia flees to the faraway Academy of Shamans, hoping someone at the school can figure out what is wrong with her and fix it. But she doesn’t expect to stumble across a bunch of squabbling deities with a secret…

Joining forces with a snarky Goddess, a 500 year old warrior girl and a status-obsessed soldier boy, Adia goes on a mission through hidden realms to save her kingdom. But if she is to succeed, she must learn to wield her mysterious powers and figure out who she really is.

Discover an action-packed new series from a brilliantly exciting debut author, perfect for fans of SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL and NEVERMOOR.