How To Be More Hedgehog by Anne-Marie Conway


Julie’s review:

An inspiring story covering real life issues in a wonderfully empathetic way – hopeful, highly readable and dealing sensitively with themes around real friendships, cyber-bullying, family and finding the courage and resourcefulness within.

Each chapter starts with a snippet of information about hedgehogs to help draw the reader in, this is an enjoyable read with well written characters, highly recommended!


“‘How To Be More Hedgehog’ is a book about a girl called Lily. Lily struggles to speak clearly and when a video of her practicing a project gets out her confidence drops. This story is about how she learns to cope with her stammer. I recommend this book for 7-11 year olds. I loved this book because it is about believing in yourself and standing up to people. I couldn’t put it down!” – Felicity (Age 9), Rating 4.5/5


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Lily has a stammer. The signal between her brain and her mouth is all messed up – and it’s getting worse. When a video of her practicing her class presentation is uploaded onto YouTube – head thrust forward, eyelids fluttering, lips stretched wide – Lily’s nightmare begins. Cyberbullying, kids at school whispering, even best friend Mia laughing behind her back. Lily’s confidence takes a nose-dive and she can only see one way out: run away to Dad in Scotland and start all over again. But Lily quickly realises that running away isn’t the answer – that her stammer will follow her wherever she goes… HOW TO BE MORE HEDGEHOG is about friendship and family and finding the courage to speak out.