Let’s Play Murder by Kesia Lupo


Young Reader Review

‘This is a book about five teenagers who have been teleported and trapped in a VR world, where they must participate in ‘The Game’. While some of them are trying to win for the fame and the prize, others have more sentimental reasons and want to go home. Their mission is to solve a murder mystery, but within a time limit which makes it a lot harder. Who will win and who might die on the way? I really enjoyed reading this book as it is very adventurous and exciting. I didn’t want to put it down at any time.’

Reviewed by Marlene, aged 14

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Veronica wakes up trapped with four strangers in a sprawling manor house in a snow storm with a dead body, a mystery right out of an Agatha Christie novel. It feels so real – but it isn’t. This is VR and this is the Game; a rumoured Easter Egg hidden in other VR games that draws you into a competition for a prize beyond your wildest dreams. And there’s no escaping the VR world until the Game is won. But while Veronica and her fellow players are trying to figure out the puzzle, something is not right in the VR world. Blackouts, glitches, NPCs acting strange, and a mysterious figure haunting their footsteps. Then when a player dies, and also dies in real life, all hell breaks loose. Without warning, the game Veronica thought she was playing gets overshadowed by a much darker, and much more real, mystery: who is killing us? It may not be a game Veronica wanted to play, but it’s one that she has to win – or die trying.