Luckenbooth by Jenni Fagan


Bookseller Review by Elle: 

Welcome to 10 Luckenbooth Close. The year is 1910 and Jessie, the devils daughter, is sent to carry a child for a rich couple. However, when things go very wrong, a curse is placed on the building and we move through time with a collection of interconnected stories to meet the residents who live there. From a transgender party girl in the 1920s, to William S. Burroughs(!), to a depressed miner in the 1980s…

I was a bit wowed by how brilliant this was. Every single character is fleshed out with an incredible amount of care, they’re all incredibly complex yet all so compelling and likeable (even when they’re really quite horrible). Time flew by while I was reading and I just know that there are moments in this book that will stay with me long after turning the final page. 

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1910, Edinburgh. Jessie, the devil’s daughter, arrives on the doorstep of an imposing tenement building and knocks on a freshly painted wooden door. She has been sent by her father to bear a child for a wealthy couple, but, when things go wrong, she places a curse on the building and all who live there – and it lasts a century.

Caught in the crossfire are the residents of 10 Luckenbooth Close, and they all have their own stories to tell. While the world outside is changing, inside, the curse creeps up all nine floors and through each door. Soon, the building’s longest kept secret – the truth of what happened to Jessie – will finally be heard.