Major and Mynah by Karen Owen



I love it! It has amazing twists, vocabulary and fun! I love the bird – he’s so funny! Just needs more pictures, that’s all! It’s a sotry about 2 girls and a bird trying to stop a thief. I would recommend this to anyone! By: Miles (age 7). Rating: 5/5.

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Join SPUD, the Super Perceptive Undercover Detectives, on their first fast-paced detective adventure. Getting your first hearing aids can be nerve-wracking; especially when you have to wear them to school. When Callie realises her new hearing aids – ‘the Slugs’ – give her the unique ability to communicate with Bo the Mynah bird, some of her worries are lifted. In fact, having a pair of eyes in the sky might come in handy… The duo team up with Callie’s best friend, Grace, as they set out to catch a local thief who has been causing trouble all over town. Includes high-speed chases, a very peckish bird and purple POO! A new mystery series, illustrated by Louise Forshaw and perfect for reluctant readers.