Make Break Remix: The Rise of K-Style by Fiona Bae


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K-pop, K-fashion, K-drama, K-beauty: over the last decade, K-style has exploded onto the global scene. What is behind this phenomenon? Where does K-Style go from here? ‘Make, Break, Remix’ makes no attempt to define or categorise, instead celebrating the eclectic, multi-faceted nature of K-Style and its home city of Seoul. Through interviews with 18 tastemakers who are shaping K-style across creative sectors, from 1Million Studio’s Lia Kim to leading K-pop stylist Youngjin Kim and drag pioneer Nana Youngrong Kim, Fiona Bae tells untold stories from true insiders, exploring a sense of identity in their work, how living in Seoul affects them and their creative output, and the decade of changes that has brought about the current K-style.