Perfect Sound Whatever by James Acaster


Reviewed by Imogen

After a crushing breakup James Acaster dedicates himself to listening to music only from the year 2016. His musical odyssey leads him to some undiscovered gems, including a metalcore Ned Flanders tribute band. A great concoction of memoir and music writing from one of the UK’s best comedians.

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January, 2017: James Acaster wakes hungover and alone in New York, his girlfriend having just left him. Thinking this is rock bottom, little does James know that by the end of the year he will have befouled himself in a Los Angeles steakhouse and disrespected a pensioner on television. Luckily, there is one thing he can rely on for comfort – music. In true Acaster fashion, this ends up with a completely unnecessary mission: to buy as much music as he can released in 2016, the year before everything went wrong (for James, at least).