So Late in the Day by Claire Keegan


Bookseller Review by Fleur:

‘A brief but illuminating window into the life of a man trying to get through the day in the aftermath of something big that is revealed at the end of the story. The time shared with the reader is not long, but the ideas, histories and significances triggered by the story are huge. Claire Keegan’s stories are so very good in their succinct power. Take the time to read this little book on a break or a train journey, and be reminded of what a great writer she is.’

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After an uneventful Friday at the Dublin office, Cathal faces into the long weekend and takes the bus home. There, his mind agitates over a woman named Sabine with whom he could have spent his life, had he acted differently. All evening, with only the television and a bottle of champagne for company, thoughts of this woman and others intrude – and the true significance of this particular date is revealed.

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