The Little Book of Kenergy: The perfect stocking-filler gift inspired by our fav by Matt Riarchi


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Kenergy is main-side-kick-character energy. It’s carrying someone’s purse like your life depends on it. It’s letting your girlfriend test out her makeup ideas on you first to check they look good. Someone with Kenergy always takes care of his appearance, but only to make his girlfriend look even hotter – not that it’s even possible. He’s (somehow) always got a tan and his abs are so shredded you could grate cheese on them. But Kenergy is not all smiles and sparkles. Sometimes he wants so badly to be admired and adored that he can barely carry on when he doesn’t get the praise he craves so deeply. But he patiently waits for the crippling invasive thoughts to pass. In a nutshell, Kenergy is joyful, whimsical and – above all – delights in the absurd. And with this book, you’ll become an expert in identifying, harnessing, and embodying your Kenergy, and learning how to be the ultimate hype-man.

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