The Soup Movement by Ben Davis



This book is an incredible read and I loved it. It’s all about a boy who decides to help the homeless people in his town of Pondstead. Quickly word spreads around and everybody is eager to help. The reason he does this is because whilst he was in hospital he made a deal with someone very special to him. I would recommend this book for ages 10-13.  By: Esme (age 11). Rating: 5/5.

This book is heart-warming, happy and sad. Everyone should read this book because the one tiny start can make a massive end. It makes you understand how people suffer without a family and how important it is to be kind. It is based on a true story which I found interesting. It is a great book. By: Harry (age 9). Rating: 4/5.

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When Jordan finally gets invited to go to the chippy with the cool kids, he feels stupid carrying around a flask of mum’s wholesome soup. He decides instead to give it to a homeless man called Harry. It’s this one act of kindness that leads to a host of new friendships and a community movement.

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