Uprooting: From the Caribbean to the Countryside by Marchelle Farrell


Bookseller Review by Fleur:

‘This beautiful book has stolen my heart. From the moment I was first shown it by my sales rep I said, this is the book I’ve been waiting for! And so it’s proved to be. An incredibly honest and personal journey, it has awakened all manner of suppressed thoughts and potential journeys to greater self-knowledge for myself. Marchelle has created a very special space simply by setting her story down on the page and sharing it with readers. I am grateful to her for doing so.’

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Years ago, like so many of the Black diaspora, Marchelle Farrell left behind the pristine beaches and emerald hills of Trinidad. Now she moves again for the verdant, peaceful surroundings of the English countryside. These relocations at first appear as opportunity. But when placed within the context of a worldwide pandemic, and ongoing racial protests, the trauma and upheaval of colonialism that have inexorably led her to this house and garden begin to be unearthed. A psychiatrist and specialist in talking therapies, Marchelle attempts to unpack this complex and emotional question while she tends to her new garden. Through her care for the unusual – and often unlikely – flora and fauna that is contained within it, she discovers that her two apparently conflicting identities are far more intertwined than she had previously realised.

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